Monday, March 02, 2009

Moloch's Minions 

I just realized that it has been a year since my last post. No I am not going to blogfade, it is just that living outside of time it is easy to forget things like keeping up a blog.

Now as you would expect last year for the election cycle I was quite busy, but as you can see I was really really successful. Now you might just think promoting the culture of death is an easy job. Well that is only partially true. Sometimes people start to think about what they are saying or doing and the facts and inconsistencies begin to bother them. Though usually it doesn't take too much effort to get them back on the zig-zagging and wide path. Just a little temptation whispered in their ear that they might lose power (quite effective with politicians) or a reminder that people might think they were intolerant or something if they rethought their pro-abortion position.

As you can tell by the culture I get a lot done and am a pretty good manager even by Demon standards. But being a Demon makes it hard for me to get around to doing the morning shows or even the Sunday political shows where I should really be welcome. But since my boss told me to keep a low-profile so that moderns could pretend we didn't exist I have brought on minions. Now Moloch's minions are a pretty sizable group and the best thing is that they are all volunteers. I have minions everywhere, but I have sizable representation in Washington, D.C. and other nation's capitols. Throughout human history I have always had minions and only the sacrifices have changed. At one time they sacrificed their children directly to me, the modern idea is to sacrifice children for a career. Oh well - whatever gits er done.

Now no one would have ever called me a humble guy, but right now I am really bursting with pride. Twenty years ago if I told some of my Demon buddies that I was going to help elect a president who supported infanticide, they would have laughed in my red face. Well look who is laughing now. Since the election I have had a hop in my cloven steps. I was also pretty excited by the number of Catholics who voted for the most extreme pro-abortion candidate in history. Talk about hope and change and it doesn't matter that you voted to let infants die without any care or the multiple problematic friendships. I really wish I was the one that came up with the hope and change mantra - though we don't have any hope or change in the neither regions.

Getting back to minions one thing about a new president is that means there will be plenty of minions tagging along. We of course have Vice President Joe Biden on our side and pro-abortion Catholics really our my favorite people - but then again those are the type I run into most often down here. One of our top minions is of course Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who can talk about her family and how ardent she is while warming up the old pen to sign for whatever abortion bill is in front of her. I do kind of feel bad for her considering that meeting with the nasty old Pope who didn't appreciate her unique contributions. Nancy cheer up - you're appreciated in my circles. This administration is just freakin' awesome considering the people they have. I just love the Justice department official who called women "fetal containers" or the other one who defended publishers of pornography (unsung heroes of the culture of death). Now I admit to some disappointment when Sen. Dashle ran into some problems, but hey when it comes to pro-abortion Catholics we got plenty standing in the wings and so it was easy to turn to Gov. Sebelius.

Now these were all politician minions and I don't want other minions to go without credit. Years ago I came up with the idea of "Catholics for Choice" and while they always get good press, I am sorry to admit that they were never taking very seriously and overall not effective. So this time around I whispered some new names that sound much nicer, but do the same dirty work. "Catholics United" and "Catholics in Alliance for the Common good" sound much more innocuous without the in-your-face dissent, though they have exactly the same ends. Then there is one of my favorite reads the National Catholic Reporter and I especially enjoyed a recent article by Kate Childs Graham saying I am a prochoice Catholic. I really wish we had come up with that excuse. When we were cast into Hell for disobedience we never appealed to our consciences. I don't think he who cast us out would have bought it as an excuse - but we could have gotten better press by saying we were just following our consciences. That just sounds so much better than having to admit our pride.

Well I have written enough for today. This year certainly looks like it will be a good year to gloat so I will have to update more often.


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