Sunday, November 05, 2006

Catholics for Amendment 2 

A group of St. Louis area Catholics led by former U.S. senator Tom Eagleton has challenged church leaders by forming Catholics for Amendment 2.

In a two-page letter sent by e-mail last week to fellow Catholics, the group laid out its reasons for supporting the ballot measure that would protect stem-cell research in Missouri.

Passage would ensure that research could go forward and treatments would be available in Missouri. It would keep Missouri on par with other states by allowing any research and treatment permitted under federal law. And it is moderate in its approach, the letter said.

“Some people want to ban all stem cell research,” the letter said. “At the other extreme there are those who would like to see research proceed completely unfettered. We believe that Amendment 2 strikes a responsible balance … (with) clear ethical boundaries and safety guidelines.”

The letter was signed by the group’s 30-member steering committee, made up mostly of people connected to Washington University and various medical institutions, and including Eagleton, a Democrat, and former state senator Anita Yeckel, a Republican.

The letter is a direct challenge to Missouri’s Catholic bishops, who also sent letters last week to parishioners. Those letters urged the faithful to vote against Amendment 2

Now here is a group of Catholics I can really admire. Two Claws Up! I haven't posted much lately but it is mainly because so many people having been doing my work for me that most of the time I just kick back in the nether regions. If I had a soft spot in my heart it would be for Catholic politicians like these. I don't really care if embryo's are sacrificed in the name of science or if they are sacrificed later on in the name of choice. It's all good for me!


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