Thursday, February 26, 2004


I have to admit when I first heard about the advances in contraception I was feeling kinda low. What less babies offered to me? I was in a slump when the pill was first announced.

I should have known better. Business is better than ever. The majority of birth control methods actually cause chemical abortions which is a real plus. They use the technical term abortafacient, but I just call it good for business. People sacrifice to me without even knowing they have starved one of their children in the womb. And with the expectation of fool proof contraception they now rely on abortion as a backup.

I had a good laugh when my friends told everybody about how marriages would be straightened and every child would be wanted with the advent of contraception. It is so funny how gullible those idiots are and they aren't even mad after all this time when it has been shown how silly this was.

I thought my enemy Pope Paul VI had let the cat out of the bag when he wrote concerning the future as the result of the pill. Again how naive I was, he was totally ignored and even though everything he said has come to pass; still nobody listens to that fool.

I have learned much from humans and I came up with this.

Moloch's axiom: When it comes to sex people will use any reasoning possible to justify their actions. Contradictions and actual experience don't matter.

Isn't that so cool? I don't have to be sly and manipulative. People actually work overtime to do my job for me. I can just kick back and relax and just wait for the sacrifices to come to me.

Can you believe in ancient Israel they actually avoided the areas where the sacrifices happened and even compared it to hell? Now sacrifices occur in most neighborhoods and even by their favorite shopping mall. It has always been cool being Moloch, but it is even better with those stupid cultural taboos removed.


Wednesday, February 25, 2004

First Entry 

Hi I am Moloch and I decided that now is the time to start blogging. Now you might think that it is odd that a mythical demon who people sacrificed children to in ancient Israel would want to start a blog? But this is the perfect time. So many people don't believe in evil anymore so I can work out in the open with hardly anybody opposing me.

Things that I like. Well mainly I love to have children sacrificed to me.

Now I have gone by many other names besides Moloch. My favorite one is choice, though I have had people sacrificed to me under the names of convenience, career, peer-pressure, and many other too many to list.

I don't care what you call me, just don't call me late to dinner. And you can guess what I love to dine on.

So please stop by my blog and welcome me as you have welcomed many of my friends to the blogosphere.


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