Friday, January 28, 2005

Pick Me, Pick Me! 

(CNSNews.com) - Planned Parenthood is looking for a new president, after Gloria Feldt abruptly resigned on Thursday -- no reason given.
Her departure comes at a time when pro-life groups have a pro-life president, George W. Bush, backing their agenda; and as some Democrats are now willing to admit there should be room in their party for people who hold for pro-life views. "We honor Gloria Feldt's contributions to Planned Parenthood and to the global movement for reproductive justice," said Planned Parenthood Federation of America Chair Don Love in a statement on the group's website. "Her leadership has resulted in significant achievements for the organization and for women and families worldwide." Wire reports quoted PPFA spokeswoman Elizabeth Toledo as saying that Feldt "made her decision to step down after a long 30-year career, and she has not made any announcements about her next step."
Some people don't realize that even us demons sing a Gloria down here. "Gloria to Feldt in the highest, and abortion to people on earth." I am of course the perfect choice to replace her fine leadership. What is 30 years compared to my resume? I have the experience, the will, and the determination to lead Planned Parenthood in its finest hour. I looked at this page for job opportunities there before but nothing really caught my fancy. President of Planned Parenthood though would really be perfect for my hellish executive capabilities.

Here is my resume that I am going to send in.

Moloch (no last name or middle name)
141 E. Nether Regions, Hell

Experience: Have worked in child sacrifice since the dawn of human civilization. Source

Education: Masters of Deception.

Personal Reference: I can personally vouch for Mr. Moloch. In his work for me he has always been imaginative in his efforts and even managed to get a following in both Juda and Israel even though my competitor had strictly banned it. He specializes in the sacrifice of children especially by fire, though he is progressive and willing to use whatever modern techniques are easily available. -Satan.

Goals: To increase abortion at least five-fold and to effortlessly work at reducing the squeamishness levels of human beings in regard to abortion. In other words my goal is to work for Planned Parenthood.

Salary Requirements: Will work for free as long as I get An office in a busy abortion clinic.

Contact: Just offer to sell your soul and I will get in touch with you.


Thursday, January 27, 2005

Moloch: Pro-Choice America 

I haven't been a good blogging demon lately and I hope to rectify the situation. There is a real difficulty when you live in eternity and not in time in remembering to update your blog "daily" or "weekly" since these time units are difficult to relate to down here. Though partly I have to admit I have been a little down lately, though that shouldn't be surprising since I am always down here. I must admit though that the election results were rather upsetting to me. If felt sure the John Kerry would be elected and to help strengthen my agenda of child sacrifice. I tell you we were all hooting and hollering down here in fire central when the early exit poll data was released. Talk about a let down. Abortion numbers have been in a slump recently and we were hoping for a bull market when governmental restrictions on foreign abortion aid were removed and the wholesale sacrifice of federally funded embryonic stem-cell research could begin in earnest. Satan has given me a quota and it has been a little more difficult keeping the numbers of. You just can't please some people. I deliver at least 4,000 sacrifices daily in the US alone, but all I hear is what have you done for me lately. At least California got in the game in earnest with their state funded ESCR since this should help pump up the numbers. I remember being pretty proud of the Aztecs and their child sacrifices. I thought that they were the very cats meow that is until the 20th century came along and made them look like amateurs.

Now personally I totally prefer the form of child sacrifice via abortion. There is something so much more satisfying to have a mother sacrifice a child for a career. Though sometimes I need help in the instance and luckily sometimes their boyfriends, husbands, friends, and family members give me a little assist in pressuring them into doing the rite thing (as in sacrificial rite). But hey beggars can't be choosers and if the numbers go up via scientific sacrifice then who am I to complain?

One of my most favorite all-time organizations is NARAL Pro-Choice America since they do such great work for me and others down here. In fact we have reserved some office space down here for them later if they don't escape the grasp of my claws. They have this wonderful campaign going showing pictures of people with a very positive looking sign and sometimes when I get a little depressed over some anti-choice victory I just load up their web page and look at their animated slide showof people holding this sign. There is even a picture of two dogs with one of these signs so it is nice to see even Fido helping out the cause.

So here is your prideful demon Moloch getting in on the fun.

There is this one anti-choice blog by this very annoying women named Dawn Eden. I am forced to read opposition blogs so as to effectively counter them. Though sometimes I am heartened to see things like my good friend Bin Laden and Idi Amin with his own sign.


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