Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dawn Eden, one of my enemies, wondering if I might come out of retirement to post on Rudy Giuliani's talk at the Value Voters summit. Well I haven't exactly been retired in the first place. It is just that I have been rather bored since I haven't been having that much to do. I kind of miss the days when the culture of death was something I had to help push along and to be actively involved in to help it grow.

You can just imagine how much we demons like politics – it is like mother's milk to us if we had mothers. I guess it is a good thing we like politics so much considering how many politicians we have down here. But I have to admit the current build up to the election in the United States just doesn't have the oomph we normally like. Even though we demons are immortal and will go on living forever, the early start of this election cycle has made eternity seem like a cat nap by comparison. Talk about slow!

I don't normally have to worry about which candidate to endorse – usually it is easy to go with a straight Democratic ticket. This time though it is much more difficult. I have sympathies for my old friend Hillary Clinton since she has been a consistent supporter of child sacrifice via abortion. We demons fell because we knew we had great intellects and would not serve. Hillary has that nice same elitist sensibility of which I so admire. Though there is also Barak Obama who opposed the born alive infant protection act. You just got to love someone that doesn't make the false distinction from children in the womb and children outside of the room. Now if only he would just extend that time period for child sacrifice and I would surely lend my support to him.

What really makes things confusing this year is Mayor Rudy Giuliani's run for President with the GOP. Now I wasn't surprised that he had Presidential ambitions, I am just surprised how many of my enemy prolifers are willing to support him in it. I just enjoy so much his call for people to trust him to do not what he wants to do, but what they want him to do. “Trust me I will not follow my inner convictions” is a great reverse take on what politicians usually say. His speech for the so-called Value Voters was heavy on this telling them that he is honest and even if you disagree with him on something it is better if he is honest about his beliefs. I give him points for saying this with a straight face considering how he has been all over the map on the partial birth abortion ban. I also just love how he tells them he will pick strict constructionist judges for the Supreme Court and people buy it even though it is quite evident even to me that he has quite a different conception of what this term means compared to his supporters.

What I really like about Rudy getting elected is that he will pave the way for other pro-Moloch politicians to take control of the GOP. I don't think I will make as swift of coup as I did with the Democratic Party with Mondale's nomination, but I know it will be all for the bad – which is good for me. President Bush has kept prolifers at hands-length from his and only calling in during the so-called March for Life (anti-Moloch bigotry if you ask me.), but can you imagine my pal Rudy even calling into the March for Life? Though I can see him calling in with a prank call. Now I know I will get federal support of embryonic stem-cells with either Rudy or Hillary, but I will enjoy so much more a GOP candidate calling for the destruction of innocent human beings on the altars of science (though I would prefer if it was on my altar instead). This schism in the pro-life movement will be awesome and can lead to third parties ensuring that Molochians will continue to rule the day in mainstream politics.

So while I am partial to Hillary I think Rudy can do more long term damage. Besides I have come to rely on Republicans providing pro-abortion judges to the Supreme court. Sure George Bush has been a disappointment on that front – yet Republicans have a history stronger that just one president. I can't tell you how much it cheers me up to hear 2,000 conservative Christians cheer the mayor as he makes his points about trusting him and his honesty.

“Isn’t it better that I tell you what I really believe instead of changing all my positions to fit the prevailing winds?

“People of good conscience can come to different conclusions,’’ Giuliani said. “But you and I share the same goal, a country without abortions.

“First, I will veto any reduction in the impact of the Hyde amendment’’ or other measures that restrict federal spending on abortion, he said. “I will support any reasonable suggestion that promises to reduce the number of abortions… I support parental notification, and I will continue to support the ban on partial birth abortion.

So the mayor who said he would pay for his own daughter's abortion and will not change his opinions and will now fight to eliminate abortion.

Yes Rudy who once said I'm pro-choice. I'm pro-gay rights,” and on the PBA ban said “No, I have not supported that, and I don't see my position on that changing.” For someone whose position won't change based on prevailing winds, I guess something else must have blown them into a different position. I would have thought that a politician saying “trust me” would make someone check to make sure they still had their wallet – but you got to give a hand to fallen human nature for believing the unbelievable. Thank you Value Voters for making my day and hey even us demons have values.

So I unreservedly give my endorsement to Rudy. Though with both Hillary and Rudy how can I lose. Talk about a win-win situation.


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