Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Note to spammers 

Those puny humans that have been spaming my email account will someday pay the price. I would tell them to go to hell, but even I don't want spammers as next door neighbors. Note to spammers, Demons do not need to lose weight or enlarge any body part whatsoever. I can appear as an angel of light and can choose to look quite thin if I want to. I have no bank account to send to those living in Nigeria. So lay off.

Now if they could send me some information on a pig travel plan, well I wouldn't mind that. Some of my fellow Demons got to possess some pigs once. Only problem was the trip was quite quick and it ended not long after it began. Who knew pigs couldn't swim?


Monday, April 12, 2004

Cheered up a bit 

Well that horrendous weekend is past me know and this news really cheered up my demonic spirits a bit.

Pro-Life Group Unveils Findings of Planned Parenthood/Girl Scouts Probe

(CNSNews.com) - A pro-life group investigating Planned Parenthood's ties to the Girl Scouts organization has found that 26 percent of Girl Scout councils have relationships with the abortion provider.

"But what is even more surprising is that 79% of Girl Scout councils have not disclosed their position on Planned Parenthood by failing to answer a simple question - Do you have any relationship with Planned Parenthood?" said Jim Sedlak, executive director of STOPP International, in a statement.
(Story) (Hoof Tip The Corner)

26 percent of Girl Scouts firmly behind me and probably a lot more. I can hardly wait for a Moloch Merit Badge.


Friday, April 09, 2004

Not so good Friday 

Something about this day just always depresses me and my friends. We would have thought that today we be a celebration in our conquering the world. Yet people seem to pretend otherwise and act like it was a failure.

I have never read the Book of Revelations myself. I hear it doesn't have a very good ending. It is suppose to start out promising, but it doesn't end that way. Kind of like the start of these three days. Oh well I think I will read something to cheer me up a bit like Planned Parenthood new releases.


Friday, April 02, 2004

Hear no evil, See no evil 

Some mortals have emailed me about the current trials going on in the U.S. District Courts in California, Nebraska, and New York involving a challenge to the national ban on partial-birth abortion. Specifically about the testimony given to U.S. District Court Judge Richard Casey is hearing testimony in federal court in Manhattan.

Judge Casey began his questioning by asking, "In a dismemberment D and E procedure in the second trimester, does the fetus feel pain?"

Answer: "I have no idea."

Question: "Are you aware that there are studies indicating that the fetus feels pain?"

Answer: "No, I have not seen those studies."

Question: "You have never heard of the studies?"

Answer: "I have not seen the studies."

Question: "Does it ever cross your mind as you are performing the procedures whether or not the fetus feels pain?"

Answer: (He hesitated for a while.) Then he said, "No, not really."

Now you might initially think that this type of open testimony just might be damaging to my cause. Nonsense, if your an anti-abortion activist you might know about this testimony - but those people are currently lost to me anyway. The rest of America is going on with business as usual since most news sources won't even give them the cool gruesome details. My friends at the New York Times are totally with me on this as usual. One of my readers who unfortunately is not one of my followers, never-the-less gives me the good news.

...the editors of the NY Times, the newspaper of record. Guess how much ink
they've devoted this week to this hugely important trial happening right
under their noses in downtown Manhattan? Would you believe... none? Nada.
Zippo. Total and complete news blackout. It's as if it isn't happening,
that these doctors aren't testifying about their little secrets at all.

Neither are the majority of the talking heads in the news business. So lets all give a good claws up to Moloch's media, always there in a pinch.

Another reader sent me this

During testimony in New York in the partial birth abortion test case, an abortion doctor, Amos Grunebaum, testified that the procedure should be allowed.

He said doctors used to hide the fetus from women after an abortion before studies in the late 1970s and early 1980s showed that women grieved less after a failed pregnancy if they get to see the fetus.

"It is the same as any baby dying. People want to hold the fetus," he said, adding that he goes so far as to put a cap on the head of the fetus just as he would a newborn.

Now some people charge that my friends the abortionist doctors don't care about women. Well they let them see and hold the dead fetus - what more do people want of doctors?


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