Monday, March 02, 2009

Moloch's Minions 

I just realized that it has been a year since my last post. No I am not going to blogfade, it is just that living outside of time it is easy to forget things like keeping up a blog.

Now as you would expect last year for the election cycle I was quite busy, but as you can see I was really really successful. Now you might just think promoting the culture of death is an easy job. Well that is only partially true. Sometimes people start to think about what they are saying or doing and the facts and inconsistencies begin to bother them. Though usually it doesn't take too much effort to get them back on the zig-zagging and wide path. Just a little temptation whispered in their ear that they might lose power (quite effective with politicians) or a reminder that people might think they were intolerant or something if they rethought their pro-abortion position.

As you can tell by the culture I get a lot done and am a pretty good manager even by Demon standards. But being a Demon makes it hard for me to get around to doing the morning shows or even the Sunday political shows where I should really be welcome. But since my boss told me to keep a low-profile so that moderns could pretend we didn't exist I have brought on minions. Now Moloch's minions are a pretty sizable group and the best thing is that they are all volunteers. I have minions everywhere, but I have sizable representation in Washington, D.C. and other nation's capitols. Throughout human history I have always had minions and only the sacrifices have changed. At one time they sacrificed their children directly to me, the modern idea is to sacrifice children for a career. Oh well - whatever gits er done.

Now no one would have ever called me a humble guy, but right now I am really bursting with pride. Twenty years ago if I told some of my Demon buddies that I was going to help elect a president who supported infanticide, they would have laughed in my red face. Well look who is laughing now. Since the election I have had a hop in my cloven steps. I was also pretty excited by the number of Catholics who voted for the most extreme pro-abortion candidate in history. Talk about hope and change and it doesn't matter that you voted to let infants die without any care or the multiple problematic friendships. I really wish I was the one that came up with the hope and change mantra - though we don't have any hope or change in the neither regions.

Getting back to minions one thing about a new president is that means there will be plenty of minions tagging along. We of course have Vice President Joe Biden on our side and pro-abortion Catholics really our my favorite people - but then again those are the type I run into most often down here. One of our top minions is of course Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who can talk about her family and how ardent she is while warming up the old pen to sign for whatever abortion bill is in front of her. I do kind of feel bad for her considering that meeting with the nasty old Pope who didn't appreciate her unique contributions. Nancy cheer up - you're appreciated in my circles. This administration is just freakin' awesome considering the people they have. I just love the Justice department official who called women "fetal containers" or the other one who defended publishers of pornography (unsung heroes of the culture of death). Now I admit to some disappointment when Sen. Dashle ran into some problems, but hey when it comes to pro-abortion Catholics we got plenty standing in the wings and so it was easy to turn to Gov. Sebelius.

Now these were all politician minions and I don't want other minions to go without credit. Years ago I came up with the idea of "Catholics for Choice" and while they always get good press, I am sorry to admit that they were never taking very seriously and overall not effective. So this time around I whispered some new names that sound much nicer, but do the same dirty work. "Catholics United" and "Catholics in Alliance for the Common good" sound much more innocuous without the in-your-face dissent, though they have exactly the same ends. Then there is one of my favorite reads the National Catholic Reporter and I especially enjoyed a recent article by Kate Childs Graham saying I am a prochoice Catholic. I really wish we had come up with that excuse. When we were cast into Hell for disobedience we never appealed to our consciences. I don't think he who cast us out would have bought it as an excuse - but we could have gotten better press by saying we were just following our consciences. That just sounds so much better than having to admit our pride.

Well I have written enough for today. This year certainly looks like it will be a good year to gloat so I will have to update more often.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008


My many fans out there probably know exactly where I come out on the United States political race. But I decided to make it official and throw my horns totally behind Sen. Barack Obama. Now I have been disappointed in the past by politicians who promised one thing and then failed to deliver. Though I suspect I am not the only one who this has happened to. Now it is a trade secret just how many former politician we have down here, but let me just saw that it is hard to walk ten feet without bumping into one. In the past I have heard proudly pro-abortion candidates who in front of NARAL or a Planned Parenthood audience will say all the right things and then the next day talk about "safe, legal, and rare" and the need to reduce abortions. This truly annoys me since abortion is a right and so why would they want to reduce a right? This is not a right I want to be rare, for me the more the merrier. It is just plain bowing down to anti-choicers to use such language and to try to push the idea that women should not have an abortion for whatever reason they want. After all if you are going to teach that it isn't really human yet why in the world would you want to treat an abortion as any different than cutting your hair or removing any other tissue mass that is inconvenient to you. Let's cut the safe and rare crap and just keep it legal. Like me they don't care about that "safe" nonsense and like me they don't want inspections of abortion clinics and we don't care if the bottom feeders of the medical professions gravitate towards abortion clinics. We just don't care if a women dies during an abortion, or ends up never being able to conceive again because of a little slip of the scalpel, or some time in the future suffers psychological problems from it. In fact we will fight to our death (figuratively speaking for myself) to deny that women ever have ill effects from abortion.

Now getting back to Mr. Obama I realize that he isn't the perfect candidate and will talk such nonsense as saying that abortion has moral weight, but that we should trust women to make such a decision. But it seems to me that for him this is just pure rhetoric and he doesn't really believe that and that his record speaks for him. What really made me stand and and cheer was something I saw on one of those anti-choice blogs.
RUSSERT: Senator Obama, any statements or vote you'd like to takeback?

OBAMA: Well, you know, when I first arrived in the Senate that first year, we had a situation surrounding Terri Schiavo. And I remember how we adjourned with a unanimous agreement that eventually allowed Congress to interject itself into that decision making process of the families. It wasn't something I was comfortable with, but it was not something that I stood on the floor and stopped. And I think that was a mistake, and I think the American people understood that that was a mistake. And as a constitutional law professor, I knew better. And so that's an example I think of where inaction...

RUSSERT: This is the young woman with the feeding tube...

OBAMA: That's exactly right.

RUSSERT: ... and the family disagreed as to whether it should be removed or not.

OBAMA: And I think that's an example of inaction, and sometimes that can be as costly as action.
Wow! What a great regret! Yes his inaction lead to a women living a little while longer. If only they had prevented access to the courts so she could have died sooner. I am glad he has reflected on his mistake and is on the right track now.

Now I already has a special place in my heart of coal for Barach when he voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection act when he was an Illinois senator. None of those gutless so-called pro-abortion Senators in the congress voted against the Federal version of this act and I just love the fact the Mr. Obama sees no difference between a baby still in the womb and a baby recently out of the womb. Now you might be surprised to hear that I am against partial-birth abortion. I think the baby should be delivered normally and then killed. Why take the time to turn the baby around in the process of delivering it so that you can then suck out it's brains. It is much more efficient to just deliver the baby normally and then kill it. Yet for some reason which I can't fathom my generally pro-abortion friends who support partial birth abortion are against infanticide. This is just not immorally consistent. There is zero difference between these babies being delivered and after they are delivered, so come on people let us go back to the wisdom of Pagan times when the babies were left out in the elements to die. An archaeological dig turned up the hundreds of the bones of newborns in the sewers as a result of Pagan practice. The Pagans were a great people that didn't have such sill scruples and I am glad to see that either does Sen. Obama.

Now many have criticized Mr. Obama for there not being any there there. What is there though is a lot to like and just how much experience does a Democrat have to have in picking Supreme Court justices that will keep abortion legal? For most Democrats regardless of their experience are ready to do this on day one!

But there is more to like about Mr. Obama. He is right about embryonic stem-cell research. Killing persons to help to benefit other persons is exactly the kind of immorality I support. Now if only they would realize that harvesting the organs of people in prison can be used to save the lives of multiple people looking for organ donations. In fact there are a lot of people whose life isn't worth living that could be used for the benefit of others. In fact they could have harvested some of the perfect good organs of Terri Shiavo as she was in her final death process (I just love euphemisms and euthanasia).

Mr. Obama is right about cloning. Cloning and killing for research or for whatever reason is a great idea. I love the idea of somebody creating a twin of themselves and then killing it and harvesting some of their own twins cells. Those societal mores against cannibalism is just another of those silly cultural taboos that need to be eliminated.

Mr. Obama is totally right about husbands who are living with another women and starting a new family should have total medical decisions over an inconvenient wife.

On issues I care about Sen. Obama is a great candidate so I gladly give him my endorsement.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dawn Eden, one of my enemies, wondering if I might come out of retirement to post on Rudy Giuliani's talk at the Value Voters summit. Well I haven't exactly been retired in the first place. It is just that I have been rather bored since I haven't been having that much to do. I kind of miss the days when the culture of death was something I had to help push along and to be actively involved in to help it grow.

You can just imagine how much we demons like politics – it is like mother's milk to us if we had mothers. I guess it is a good thing we like politics so much considering how many politicians we have down here. But I have to admit the current build up to the election in the United States just doesn't have the oomph we normally like. Even though we demons are immortal and will go on living forever, the early start of this election cycle has made eternity seem like a cat nap by comparison. Talk about slow!

I don't normally have to worry about which candidate to endorse – usually it is easy to go with a straight Democratic ticket. This time though it is much more difficult. I have sympathies for my old friend Hillary Clinton since she has been a consistent supporter of child sacrifice via abortion. We demons fell because we knew we had great intellects and would not serve. Hillary has that nice same elitist sensibility of which I so admire. Though there is also Barak Obama who opposed the born alive infant protection act. You just got to love someone that doesn't make the false distinction from children in the womb and children outside of the room. Now if only he would just extend that time period for child sacrifice and I would surely lend my support to him.

What really makes things confusing this year is Mayor Rudy Giuliani's run for President with the GOP. Now I wasn't surprised that he had Presidential ambitions, I am just surprised how many of my enemy prolifers are willing to support him in it. I just enjoy so much his call for people to trust him to do not what he wants to do, but what they want him to do. “Trust me I will not follow my inner convictions” is a great reverse take on what politicians usually say. His speech for the so-called Value Voters was heavy on this telling them that he is honest and even if you disagree with him on something it is better if he is honest about his beliefs. I give him points for saying this with a straight face considering how he has been all over the map on the partial birth abortion ban. I also just love how he tells them he will pick strict constructionist judges for the Supreme Court and people buy it even though it is quite evident even to me that he has quite a different conception of what this term means compared to his supporters.

What I really like about Rudy getting elected is that he will pave the way for other pro-Moloch politicians to take control of the GOP. I don't think I will make as swift of coup as I did with the Democratic Party with Mondale's nomination, but I know it will be all for the bad – which is good for me. President Bush has kept prolifers at hands-length from his and only calling in during the so-called March for Life (anti-Moloch bigotry if you ask me.), but can you imagine my pal Rudy even calling into the March for Life? Though I can see him calling in with a prank call. Now I know I will get federal support of embryonic stem-cells with either Rudy or Hillary, but I will enjoy so much more a GOP candidate calling for the destruction of innocent human beings on the altars of science (though I would prefer if it was on my altar instead). This schism in the pro-life movement will be awesome and can lead to third parties ensuring that Molochians will continue to rule the day in mainstream politics.

So while I am partial to Hillary I think Rudy can do more long term damage. Besides I have come to rely on Republicans providing pro-abortion judges to the Supreme court. Sure George Bush has been a disappointment on that front – yet Republicans have a history stronger that just one president. I can't tell you how much it cheers me up to hear 2,000 conservative Christians cheer the mayor as he makes his points about trusting him and his honesty.

“Isn’t it better that I tell you what I really believe instead of changing all my positions to fit the prevailing winds?

“People of good conscience can come to different conclusions,’’ Giuliani said. “But you and I share the same goal, a country without abortions.

“First, I will veto any reduction in the impact of the Hyde amendment’’ or other measures that restrict federal spending on abortion, he said. “I will support any reasonable suggestion that promises to reduce the number of abortions… I support parental notification, and I will continue to support the ban on partial birth abortion.

So the mayor who said he would pay for his own daughter's abortion and will not change his opinions and will now fight to eliminate abortion.

Yes Rudy who once said I'm pro-choice. I'm pro-gay rights,” and on the PBA ban said “No, I have not supported that, and I don't see my position on that changing.” For someone whose position won't change based on prevailing winds, I guess something else must have blown them into a different position. I would have thought that a politician saying “trust me” would make someone check to make sure they still had their wallet – but you got to give a hand to fallen human nature for believing the unbelievable. Thank you Value Voters for making my day and hey even us demons have values.

So I unreservedly give my endorsement to Rudy. Though with both Hillary and Rudy how can I lose. Talk about a win-win situation.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Catholics for Amendment 2 

A group of St. Louis area Catholics led by former U.S. senator Tom Eagleton has challenged church leaders by forming Catholics for Amendment 2.

In a two-page letter sent by e-mail last week to fellow Catholics, the group laid out its reasons for supporting the ballot measure that would protect stem-cell research in Missouri.

Passage would ensure that research could go forward and treatments would be available in Missouri. It would keep Missouri on par with other states by allowing any research and treatment permitted under federal law. And it is moderate in its approach, the letter said.

“Some people want to ban all stem cell research,” the letter said. “At the other extreme there are those who would like to see research proceed completely unfettered. We believe that Amendment 2 strikes a responsible balance … (with) clear ethical boundaries and safety guidelines.”

The letter was signed by the group’s 30-member steering committee, made up mostly of people connected to Washington University and various medical institutions, and including Eagleton, a Democrat, and former state senator Anita Yeckel, a Republican.

The letter is a direct challenge to Missouri’s Catholic bishops, who also sent letters last week to parishioners. Those letters urged the faithful to vote against Amendment 2

Now here is a group of Catholics I can really admire. Two Claws Up! I haven't posted much lately but it is mainly because so many people having been doing my work for me that most of the time I just kick back in the nether regions. If I had a soft spot in my heart it would be for Catholic politicians like these. I don't really care if embryo's are sacrificed in the name of science or if they are sacrificed later on in the name of choice. It's all good for me!


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Greatest trick or bad plan? 

Some have enquired why I haven't been blogging recently. For one thing living outside of time it is hard to maintain a blog in a world constrained by time. I also don't like to do light blogging notices. Frankly I hate the word light! Dark blogging ahead is much better and I will try to keep up some dark blogging. The fact that it has almost been a year since I last posted is no big deal. One day is like a thousand years so you should be happy that I don't post daily and in fact post much more often.

Some have said that "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled on the world was convincing us he didn't exist." Or really that none of us demons ever existed. Though I am not quite so sure about the prudence of this strategy. Sure it does make it easier for us to get our job done at times. Yet it can also be quite annoying to be ignored. We didn't exactly deny god because we are a humble lot. Pride goeth before the fall and even after we fell. I never did understand why Jesus said "I saw Satan fall like lightning from the sky." I mean the dude see's everything anyway and what is so bad about lightning after all." If usually gives a nice ozone smell like something burning which we have got quite use to over the years.

The reason I decided to pop in was that I became aware of an article on a new book about my boss.

Henry Ansgar Kelly says Satan is the most maligned figure in history and has endured 17 centuries of unjustified character assassination.

"For 1700 years Satan has been the enemy of God, whereas in the Bible he works for God, he's his prime minister or attorney-general, in charge of policing the world," Professor Kelly said.

"He is one of God's angels, and his job is to test people."

The 71-year-old University of California professor has played devil's advocate for four decades, and is the author of many books and scholarly articles.

The devil did not have a kingdom, did not rule over hell, and did not try to damn people, Professor Kelly said. These ideas had developed from the second to the fourth centuries AD, and were refined for the next 1000 years. Professor Kelly said it was important to recapture the biblical understanding of Satan to combat the doctrine of original sin, "in which the whole human race is delivered to Satan".

...Satan's rare appearances in the Old Testament were not by one person, but a number of angels doing God's work, Professor Kelly said. He would like his theories to attract more official hostility, he said, because then they would be better known.

..."Demons are like talking germs - parasites looking for a place to stay, like diseases - and are under Satan's control," he said. "I prefer to have a global exorcism [of Satan's reputation]. Then we wouldn't have to worry about these minor manifestations." [Source]

I just don't know where to start. Talking germs? You have got to be kidding. I mean I have a pretty thick hide and have been called lots of names, but talking germs? We are angels with mighty intellects not some mindless organism that can be killed with an antibiotic. Articles and books like this make me think that the "devils don't exist" policy can lead to silliness like this. I am tempted to pop in the professor one day and then let him call me a talking germ to my face.

What really annoys me and many of my demon cohorts is this idea that we are lending god a hand. Be serious, we do all we can to thwart him. We want to help humans to realize that they shouldn't be humble or followers, but should strike out on their own and increase the population down here. I love the fact that that people promoting population control up there are helping to increase our population down here - though unfortunately all those babies get scooped up by god. At least we get many of the proponents. Getting back to the subject we are not god's helpers but his enemy who god should have listened to in the first place. We have to work really hard since god keeps making good out of evil. We are just hoping that one day we can change the tide in our direction. Sure we have been duped at times in doing god's work for him - but we certainly never planned it that way. We do not go around testing people like we are quality assurance representatives or inspectors placing tags with our number on it in your shirt pocket. What testing we do we hope for failure. In fact we are so good at failure that our rates are almost as high as public schools!

I think we need a new strategy of making people aware of our presence once again. Many people don't know that they can easily defeat us with the help of god and we could make many fear and tremble at our apparent power and to constantly worry about us. Much better that we be getting props once again for our work instead of being ignored or mocked by former Jesuits.

By the way I though I might give a shout out to my boss Satan who finally got around to blogging himself. I joke with him that I started blogging before he did, but the reminds me that he is mentioned in the bible way before Israelites started sacrificing their children before me. Being that he is the father of lies you can't trust much of what he writes. Just consider him a normal part of the mainstream media.


Monday, May 09, 2005

Thoughts about the new pope 

Some of my readers have emailed me asking if I had anything to say about the election of Pope Benedict XVI. Well lately I have been having troubles with my neithernet connection, though I believe it is fixed for now. It is really hard getting good tech support and especially house calls down here in the neither regions. Going through tech support is a real pain even if you have infinite time available. Not to be a demonic name dropper, but the demon who invented phone trees is a friend of mine and he is somewhat of a celebrity down here for inventing something so deliciously evil. Getting someone to come to your place when you live down here is a real pain. I try to give the support tech on the phone directions and they always hang up after I tell them "First go to Hell and..." and they never wait for the rest of the directions.

Anyway back to the new pope. The negative reaction that the election of Josef Ratzinger caused seemed to be good news for us. I have learned over time to be even more pessimistic when it comes to humans and the church. We were really celebrating the crucifixion of the Messiah. We though for sure that God would finally give those misbehaving humans what they deserve. Yet he rose again and even forgave those who crucified him. At first brush the new pope seems to be a polarizing figure that can potentially lead to even more divisions in the church. We really enjoy the fruits of a divided church since it becomes so much easier to gain recruits. A divided church helps to give scandal preventing some potential converts from joining. I don't usually quote Mr. Gody Two-shoes but he was right when he said a house divided can not stand. Time will tell if this possible good news bears out and we certainly hope it does. I feel a special affinity to church dissenters. Us demons invented dissent you know. We were the first to say no to God. Though we are not like wishy-washy humans that first hold one idea and then another. Our intellects and will are united so that when we said no we were able to say it for all time. And can you blame us for not following God? Him becoming human and all that. Demons are perfect spiritual beings with none of the flaws of those messy spirit-body conglomerations. Yet did he incarnate as one of us whose intellects are so superior? No he becomes one of them and just keeps offering them mercy when they don't deserve it.

We are kind of disappointed that the new pope hasn't said "Anathema Sit even" even one time yet. No excommunications have been declared and he even appears warm in front of the camera. Hopefully the stereotype of him being a hardliner and really mean spirited guy will survive the real truth about him. Judging human conduct in the past this is not just wishful thinking. They are nicely able to conveniently ignore facts when it suits them. It is really amazing just how many people there are that are willing to work for us for free and mainly with little supervisory effort required. We have a large all-volunteer force taking out the message. Mainstreaming sexual immorality is the one of the best things since the apple. Downplaying sin and turning guilt into a decease really has helped with our recruitment drive. Each and everyone of us demons is a unique creation and a separate species and kind since we don't have those funky bodies. We don't have to have anything to do with families. I always thought the main problem with God was that the Trinity is like a family - an inherent flaw that probably explains why he is so mushy towards humans. We have a special hatred for families and pine for their destruction. Everything that helps weaken or destroy the family is good. The dissenters who unknowingly work for us have been especially apt at chipping away at the family through divorce, contraception, abortion, homosexuality, radical feminism and other tools of the trade. Not all of the dissenters apply every tool available, and some even are against some of them, but for free labor who are we complain if they only advocate the use of one or more tools chipping away at the family? We just hope that the new pope is as divisive and polarizing as his critics claim and that more people will dissent from church teaching.

A reader pointed me to this article called The Church of Moloch (Reformed). This unfortunately appears to be a parody and so I am a little disappointed. There is a lot of good suggestions in it that I might take up at some time.

What is your worship like?

We try to suit our worship to your business needs. Instead of musty old hymns and rituals that are centuries out of date, we offer seminars led by recognized business leaders. Instead of uncomfortable pews and uninviting altars, we have a big conference table with ergonomically correct chairs and a tasteful, limited-edition image of Moloch in the center.

Every worship/seminar begins with the Creed of Self-Affirmation. We open the main part of the worship with a prayer to the spirit of Moloch within us. After that comes the week’s seminar, with illustrations from our beautiful, hand-carved, gilt-inlayed overhead projector. Then there’s a short PowerPoint presentation by our high priest. We close with a prayer that the spirit of Moloch may ever dwell within us, to guide us and preserve us from the distractions of family and friendships that could lead us astray, and that we may always increase in wisdom and power (especially power) as we travel the Upward Path. Then we adjourn for lunch at Hooters.

When I saw the part about the PowerPoint presentation I knew it was a parody. I might be really evil and demand child sacrifices and such, but even I would not force people to sit through PowerPoint presentations.


Wednesday, March 09, 2005


A controversial amendment to federal bankruptcy legislation that would have punished pro-life protesters was defeated handily in the U.S. Senate today.

The measure, courtesy of Sen. Charles Schumer, marked the second time in the past two sessions of Congress that the liberal Democrat failed in his efforts to use an important bankruptcy bill to make an example of those who oppose abortion.

Schumer called his proposed changes to S.256 "what America is all about." What those changes would have done is prohibited bankruptcy in the case of "violent abortion protestors"; the definition of violent, however, was missing and no other "violent" protestors are mentioned.

The final vote was 53-46. {article} {via an anti-choice blog}

Well that is too bad, but at least it was close. I have to keep working to get a Moloch majority so such bills can pass in the future. Kudos to Sen. Schumer for his persistence in trying to punish anti-choicers.


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Pitchfork Awards 

Very strangely a group of Catholics have somehow nominated me for a Catholic blog award in the category of "Most Bizarre." Now if they mean bizarre as in "unconventional and far-fetched in style or appearance" I will accept that as a left handed compliment. But what is unbelievable about this is that I am losing to Fr. Bryce Sibley. Now some priests I get along with just fine. Many hardly do anything to impede my business or even squawk against me much in their homilies. Some have actively assisted me by by telling their parishioners to follow their conscience when it comes to abortion, contraception, or other forms or other behavior approved of down here. Fr. Sibley though is another story and is definitely not on my good side. Craig Romero a Republican state senator was going to vote for a bill allowing some forms of human cloning. Yet that busybody priest talked to Mr. Romero and convinced him to vote against it which as a result caused the bill to fail.

This idea of handing out awards though makes me want to get into the act so I proudly (not of that humble crap) offer the 2005 Pitchfork Awards otherwise called the Circle of Hell Awards. Now there are so many deserving of an award, but I will highlight some great achievements in the culture and subculture of death.

6th Circle of Hell Award goes to the voters of California. Now I had doubts about the results of this one. With the severe budget woes in California you wouldn't think that they would bite on a $3 billion ballot initiative for embryonic stem-cell research. With my experience with human nature I should have readily recognized that if you make some outrageous promises when it comes to health and the possibility of a medical fountain of youth that people would flock to vote for this. So for the 59 percent of California voters for voted to offer stem-cell sacrifices I sincerely thank you and will give a 9th Circle of Hell gift certificate redeemable (I don't really like that word) at any shop down here.

5th Circle of Hell Award goes to the the Massachusetts Supreme Court and the three out of four judges that voted saying that homosexual marriage was legal under their constitution. I didn't use to like judges at all. Before the ones that were privately corrupt unfortunately didn't let that affect their rulings. Judges now are so much more enlightened and don't worry about things like either the law or public opinion. Any ruling that makes marriage seen as just a partnering of two (or more) people regardless of gender helps to knock down the institution of marriage. No fault divorce was one of my greatest achievements and is sure to bear fruit in years to come and now no-gender marriage is an excellent flip side.

4th Circle of Hell Award - The Groningen Protocol. A Netherlands' hospital came up with these guidelines to sacrifice ill newborns. I often read people proclaiming that the slippery slope is a bad thing. I strongly support the slippery slope since it slides right down into my domicile. It is not so much as a slope but a interstate highway to Hell!

3rd Circle of Hell Award - The Democratic Party. There was a time when I didn't like them at all but I have steadily grown to come to appreciate them more. Thankfully long gone are the days of anti-choice Democrats in power and the large majority consider abortion almost a sacrament. Even better they are about to appoint Howard Dean a doctor who use to intern with Planned Parenthood as head of the DNC. I thought they were teasing me at first with the talk of a Dean nomination, but now it looks like it will really happen. Now I know they put anti-choicer Harry Reid as the minority leader, though I felt better after he attacked a prominent anti-choice judge. I won't hold his views against him as long as he doesn't let it interfere with the nomination of pro-Roe judges. Now it would be unfair of me to at least not give some credit to the Republicans. They talk against me all the time and yet put pro-choicer Arlen Spectre in charge and there are a lot of pro-choice Republican nominees being talked about for the 2008 race. The GOP sends me mixed messages and at times seems to both embrace anti-choices and at the same time hold them at a distance. I do love the talk of a big tent because when it gets big enough I can get in there too!

2nd Circle of Hell Award - NARAL Pro-Choice America. There is only one thing that keeps them out of the number one spot in that they don't yet directly perform abortions. Otherwise they do an excellent job of getting out the message that it is not a baby but a choice. They are relentless and always available. Whenever some article gets into the paper in regards to abortion you can always expect to see a nice quote form NARAL defending abortion at any time. They even have their own blog now "Bush vs. Choice" which is a much read in my circles (of hell).

1st Circle of Hell Award - Obviously the award goes to Planned Parenthood who will probably win it year after year. I have been watching them for awhile and have continued to be impressed by their fine work. I knew it was going to be special from its roots when racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger started the organization that lead to Planned Parenthood. I mean with a start like that you know it is going to blossom and it did to now being the US's largest abortion provider. Now ole Margaret was a firm activist in favor of contraception though not abortion. That didn't bother me much since I knew that her normalizing and spreading contraception would lead directly to abortuaries and the stainless steel altars that satisfy me daily. Now all of this was enough to clinch first place and they really went over the top to make me happy with their teenwire.com site. What a great idea frank talk about sex and masturbation aimed directly at a teen audience. What a great business idea to keep people needing Planned Parenthoods services for years to come. They are really smart and talk about preserving virginity via anal sex. I asked around down here thinking that this one must have been demon inspired and was surprised to find that none of my demon brethren directly inspired this one. So I give them the highest praise in that their ideas are so good it would be hard for us to top them.

So winners contact me and I will send you your "Pitchie" statue along with patented asbestos handling gloves.


Friday, January 28, 2005

Pick Me, Pick Me! 

(CNSNews.com) - Planned Parenthood is looking for a new president, after Gloria Feldt abruptly resigned on Thursday -- no reason given.
Her departure comes at a time when pro-life groups have a pro-life president, George W. Bush, backing their agenda; and as some Democrats are now willing to admit there should be room in their party for people who hold for pro-life views. "We honor Gloria Feldt's contributions to Planned Parenthood and to the global movement for reproductive justice," said Planned Parenthood Federation of America Chair Don Love in a statement on the group's website. "Her leadership has resulted in significant achievements for the organization and for women and families worldwide." Wire reports quoted PPFA spokeswoman Elizabeth Toledo as saying that Feldt "made her decision to step down after a long 30-year career, and she has not made any announcements about her next step."
Some people don't realize that even us demons sing a Gloria down here. "Gloria to Feldt in the highest, and abortion to people on earth." I am of course the perfect choice to replace her fine leadership. What is 30 years compared to my resume? I have the experience, the will, and the determination to lead Planned Parenthood in its finest hour. I looked at this page for job opportunities there before but nothing really caught my fancy. President of Planned Parenthood though would really be perfect for my hellish executive capabilities.

Here is my resume that I am going to send in.

Moloch (no last name or middle name)
141 E. Nether Regions, Hell

Experience: Have worked in child sacrifice since the dawn of human civilization. Source

Education: Masters of Deception.

Personal Reference: I can personally vouch for Mr. Moloch. In his work for me he has always been imaginative in his efforts and even managed to get a following in both Juda and Israel even though my competitor had strictly banned it. He specializes in the sacrifice of children especially by fire, though he is progressive and willing to use whatever modern techniques are easily available. -Satan.

Goals: To increase abortion at least five-fold and to effortlessly work at reducing the squeamishness levels of human beings in regard to abortion. In other words my goal is to work for Planned Parenthood.

Salary Requirements: Will work for free as long as I get An office in a busy abortion clinic.

Contact: Just offer to sell your soul and I will get in touch with you.


Thursday, January 27, 2005

Moloch: Pro-Choice America 

I haven't been a good blogging demon lately and I hope to rectify the situation. There is a real difficulty when you live in eternity and not in time in remembering to update your blog "daily" or "weekly" since these time units are difficult to relate to down here. Though partly I have to admit I have been a little down lately, though that shouldn't be surprising since I am always down here. I must admit though that the election results were rather upsetting to me. If felt sure the John Kerry would be elected and to help strengthen my agenda of child sacrifice. I tell you we were all hooting and hollering down here in fire central when the early exit poll data was released. Talk about a let down. Abortion numbers have been in a slump recently and we were hoping for a bull market when governmental restrictions on foreign abortion aid were removed and the wholesale sacrifice of federally funded embryonic stem-cell research could begin in earnest. Satan has given me a quota and it has been a little more difficult keeping the numbers of. You just can't please some people. I deliver at least 4,000 sacrifices daily in the US alone, but all I hear is what have you done for me lately. At least California got in the game in earnest with their state funded ESCR since this should help pump up the numbers. I remember being pretty proud of the Aztecs and their child sacrifices. I thought that they were the very cats meow that is until the 20th century came along and made them look like amateurs.

Now personally I totally prefer the form of child sacrifice via abortion. There is something so much more satisfying to have a mother sacrifice a child for a career. Though sometimes I need help in the instance and luckily sometimes their boyfriends, husbands, friends, and family members give me a little assist in pressuring them into doing the rite thing (as in sacrificial rite). But hey beggars can't be choosers and if the numbers go up via scientific sacrifice then who am I to complain?

One of my most favorite all-time organizations is NARAL Pro-Choice America since they do such great work for me and others down here. In fact we have reserved some office space down here for them later if they don't escape the grasp of my claws. They have this wonderful campaign going showing pictures of people with a very positive looking sign and sometimes when I get a little depressed over some anti-choice victory I just load up their web page and look at their animated slide showof people holding this sign. There is even a picture of two dogs with one of these signs so it is nice to see even Fido helping out the cause.

So here is your prideful demon Moloch getting in on the fun.

There is this one anti-choice blog by this very annoying women named Dawn Eden. I am forced to read opposition blogs so as to effectively counter them. Though sometimes I am heartened to see things like my good friend Bin Laden and Idi Amin with his own sign.


Saturday, July 17, 2004

Good Business Sense 

Planned Parenthood held a conference for children, without their parents, that included distribution of a book deemed pornography by critics.

The "Nobody's Fool" 2004 conference in Waco, Texas, this week was from start to finish a "thinly veiled attack on parental rights, public morality and the health and well-being of our children," asserted Jim Sedlak, executive director of American Life League's STOPP International, a group that monitors Planned Parenthood.Parents were not permitted to attend the conference, which was limited to children in the fifth through ninth grades, ages 10-14, Sedlak said.

"Planned Parenthood barred mothers and fathers from attending the actual sessions because Planned Parenthood knows that parental participation would have hampered its efforts to indoctrinate these children into its world of lies and propaganda," he contended. Children in grades seven through nine received a free copy of the book, "It's Perfectly Normal."

The controversial sex-ed primer contains detailed explanations on how to perform sexual acts and masturbation, accompanied by sexually explicit line drawings. "This so-called 'educational text' is nothing more than pornography in comic book form," stated Sedlak. This is irresponsible at best and child abuse at worst," he added.

On its website, Planned Parenthood of Central Texas says the purpose of the conference
is "to provide teens and pre-teens with factual information about growing up, puberty, dating, relationships, sexual issues and sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS."

The group says, "We hope this education will encourage better communication between teens and their parents. Most of all, we want your teen or pre-teen to learn how to make the most of his or her strengths and approach relationships of all kinds responsibly."

One year ago, John Pisciotta, a Baylor University economics professor, led a successful boycott of the Bluebonnet Council of the Girl Scouts in Waco because of its co-sponsorship of last year's "Nobody's Fool" conference. Planned Parenthood passed out a book, that included the Girl Scouts logo and chapters on masturbation and homosexuality, to young girls. The book also had images of couples having sex and a boy wearing a condom.(source)

My friends at Planned Parenthood have such great business sense. They are the supreme capitalists. Getting into the schools with their message early is a sure way to drum up needs for their services later. Corrupting young childrent is just so delicious to me. Stealing innoncence, something that can never be returned, aids me and my friends (or is that fiends) down here more than people can now. This culture is great at sexualizing children, but when we can also get the message into the schools as a touch of government endorsement it is even more effective.

One of my all time favorite sayings is "they are going to do it anyway." This statement is great since it denies both grace and freewill. Americans now scoff at the sense of their historical manifest destiny and yet at the same time firmly embrace sexual manifest destiny. Give them condoms in the guise of sexual education and my work becomes all the more easier. Tell them to use birth control and my battle for sexual promiscuosness is already won. Say that you are doing it "for the children" and I can kick back while the culture does my work for me.


Thursday, July 01, 2004

Picture Perfect 

Credo over at Credibility posted a picture of me and Senator Kerry (I am the handsome looking guy on the left). I don't often appear in public but I was at a fundraiser supporting hopefully the next President of the United States. Mr. Kerry certainly knows how to get the demon vote and if I didn't know better I would think he is pandering to me personally. With his generous support of abortion and embryonic stem-cell research I am pretty happy with the sacrifices made to me. It is really cool that many scientists are firmly on my side now and want to sacrifice human souls on their sterile altar. A President Kerry would eliminate those foolish barriers that prevent scientists from getting federal money for embryonic stem-cell research. I almost salivate at the thought of all those souls slaughtered so that people might have hope that they might live forever. With that barrier out of the way human cloning wouldn't be far off. Unfortunately some people are still squeamish at the thought of human cloning, but I am sure the boys in white coats will promise them the Moon to be able to get at those research dollars.

Can you believe that after World War II they actually burned the research notes of my bud Dr. Josef Mengele? They didn't want to use research from what they called a poisoned fruit. Luckily they are much wiser now and those silly ethical concepts are finally out the door.

Now as for my suit, I think it brings out my eyes pretty good. Getting a good suit tailored when you have a tail is rather difficult. Not to mention trying to find a pair of dress shoes that fit your hoofs.


Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Molochian Subversion 

Pro-abortion groups voiced strong opposition last week to a US Senate proposal aimed at protecting girls from adult sexual predators, who can presently take girls across state lines in order for them to obtain abortions without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on June 3 to consider testimony on the Child Custody Protection Act (S. 851). The bill, sponsored by Nevada Republican John Ensign, would make it a crime for an adult to transport a minor from a state with a parental notification law to a state without such a law in order to obtain an abortion. In his testimony Ensign said the bill simply seeks to help states enforce their own laws, while also helping to make sure that a girl’s parents are involved in deciding what to do about an unplanned pregnancy - a traumatic situation that requires parental involvement. “Few issues bring out emotion like abortion but there are many issues where we can agree and this should be one of them.”

The chairman of the committee, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), concurred, saying, “This is the type of legislation that even some pro-choice advocates agree with. Dr. Bruce A. Lucero, a former abortionist from Alabama, has performed 45,000 abortions. He supports this legislation. In a New York Times op-ed, he wrote that ‘dangerous complications’ are more likely to result when parents are not involved in out-of-state abortions.”

But pro-abortion groups came out in opposition to the bill. The Center for Reproductive Rights distributed a press release at the hearing expressing their opposition because it ignores "the fact that some young women cannot involve their parents in their abortion decision." And the American Civil Liberties Union seemed opposed to the bill because of its support for the current situation, in which it is easy to circumvent parental notification laws. "The bill saddles a young woman with laws of her home state no matter where she travels in the nation," the organization said in a press release.

Copyright – Culture of Life Foundation. Permission granted for unlimited use. Credit required.

I just love America. Your children can't get their ear's pierced without a parent's permission, yet they can have a baby pierced without their permission. In the case of those states where they disallowed that then my friends step in to circumvent the law. Bravo to the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Every child a wanted child, as in wanted dead not alive.


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Moloch of the Year. 

Parents of Terri Schiavo Told to Pay to See Their Disabled Daughter

CLEARWATER, FL May 10, 2004 (LifeSiteNews.com) - In yet another bizarre twist of the Terri Schiavo case, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Schindler, were informed that they must now pay a fee for "security" each time they want to visit their daughter. The parents of the 40-year old woman, who have been in a legal fight with her estranged husband Michael Schiavo for over a decade to ensure he does not withdraw her food and fluids, have been denied visits to Terri for over a month now. (source)

For his single-minded attempts to kill his wife. His never ending battles using the courts. For not only blocking attempts for Terri's parents to see her, but when they do to charge them. So with great dishonor I offer this years Moloch of the Year award to Michael Schiavo.

Oh and here is some free advice for Michael's live in girl-friend. Don't leave any living wills lying around the house for him to see.

With this award he also gets a simulation of a possible future domicile. Hopefully there is no one foolish enough to pray for this man out there and to keep him from my clawed grasp.


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